Art Happens

14 Jan

EP 3 Update time!

The holidays made us all take a bit of a break on the record making front, which was fine. Things are picking up again and I had a meeting with Emily Shirley this week about artwork. This is one of my favorite parts of the process because really, I don’t have to do anything. I kept a Pinterest board of images I liked over the past few months that I thought might supply some sort of vibe for Emily to work from. That was really the extent of my work here. We had a great chat and Emily now goes off and does her art voodoo and I get to see what she comes up with. Super fun.

Dan also just sent me the last two rough mixes of songs, meaning I have a pretty good idea of the whole EP. It sounds awesome. We’ll keep mixing and we have one more meeting in early February to kind of sort things out. Progress!

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