Ask Jana…Cereal, Tina & Amy, Ambition, and Stamps

22 Mar

Ah, a delayed Ask Jana…but a hopefully still informative one.  Thanks for all your questions!

Erin: Greatest kid cereal – Capt. Crunch’s Crunch Berries or Cookie Crisp?

Cookie Crisp all the way because when you’re a kid, the illusion of getting away with eating cookies for breakfast is a real bonus, also the milk tastes delicious. In the Cap’n Crunch line I am a fan of the “bloody mouth” peanut butter variety. You know it hurts, but it tastes good anyway.

Memphis Mafia Donut from Voodoo Donuts
If you’re gonna eat Cap’n Crunch you might as well eat this for breakfast instead.

Aunt Linda: Wouldn’t you really like to partake on all the activities associated with rush center’s st. pat’s celebration? Uncle Dave is wearing his kilt.

Rush Center, Kansas is where I spent many happy times as a kid, but I have never been there for St. Patrick’s Day, and I have never seen my Uncle Dave in a kilt. So this was a winning proposition right here.

Deb: Will you look at art in a Museum or gallery setting differently from now on, as a result of viewing an exhibition with a practicing visual artist? Do you think it makes a difference in art appreciation to experience a living visual artist speak about someone Else’s art?

YES, Deb. To fill you all in, Deborah Burge is an amazing artist in California, and when Susan and Elizabeth played in Huntington Beach at the art center, there was an art exhibition happening and I walked through some of it with Deborah. I was like walking through Giza with an Egyptologist or something, because Deb pointed out things I would just glance at and wander on by. She made notes on perspective and technique and form and shape, and after 15 minutes I felt smarter. If only a smart artist was provided ever time I went to a museum or a gallery.

John: If you could take a vacation to anywhere, where would it be?

I have never been to Europe, which is sad, and I really want to see Paris. I want to see all of it (London, Prague, Rome, Athens, insert major old city here), but for some reason Paris holds a mystique for me. Maybe because lots of artists and writers I love have done great things there.

Chad: Georgia O’Keeffe paintings…once you see it, can you ever unsee it?

I love O’Keeffe, though I gravitate toward her New Mexican landscapes rather than her flowers…but I do enjoy it all. She was a smart woman; I bet whatever you see she never wants you to unsee.

Callie: Why do stamps not have how much they are worth printed on them anymore? I have one stamp in the desk and one letter to mail, but I don’t know how much this stupid stamp is worth.

I have had the very same problem, Callie, which means I just end up using the unmarked stamp as adornment on the letter and stick another stamp on, which is probably how the post office has any prayer of staying open…making us overpay for mailing by anywhere from $0.03 to $0.50 at a time…which is a horrible business model…which is why we won’t get mail on Saturdays anymore. Thanks, USPS.

Thomas: Why is there no B# or E#?

Ah, but isn’t B# just C? Which is really just Cb? Whoa.

Tiffany: ambition vs. contentment. go.

Love this question…something I struggle with daily. I don’t necessarily think the two are opposites, and in fact I think ambition is best practicing with a sense of contentment, and that likewise contentment is best when coupled with ambition. Ambition without some degree of contentment can bleed easily into desperation, which hasn’t ever really worked out for me. Contentment avoids falling into ignorant stagnancy with paired with a little ambition. The balance sounds quite magical. I make it sound easy but as we know…it’s hard.

Justin: What is the most comfortable shoe you have ever worn?

Great question. I have a pair of red Adidas Samba shoes that I love and that have never hurt my pinky toes. They are a winning pair. As a general rule, I don’t like things on top of my feet, which means I have bought so many pairs of flip flops while traveling, thinking I could get through one trip with normal shoes. Latest pair: California. Comfy.

These flip flops rocked my 13k steps a day during SXSW.

Carol: Why hasn’t Stephen Spielberg ever won an Oscar for directing? Are people so embittered by obvious talent that they don’t want to give it a “reward”?

I never even realized he hadn’t! That’s like Hitchcock only getting an Achievement Award at the Oscars, walking up and saying a terse “thank you” and walking off stage. Who knows, but all I can say is thank goodness Spielberg and Hitchcock kept making movies without industry recognition. A good lesson.

Dave: What is the significance of the sea in “Moby Dick?”

Is it a betrayal of the American education system to admit that I haven’t read that one? I have heard it is an allegory, so perhaps the sea represents either heaven, hell, purgatory, or chocolate cake.

Stephanie: What is the significance of, “They can kill me, but they can’t harm me”?

I am curious to know the context of this quote, because the only thing that popped into my head was the Kelly Clarkson song, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” which is not that at all.

Jimmie Bell: Why does my cat think my lap is a bath house?

Cats think everything is bath house, a napping spot, and a scratching post. If we could weaponize cats, they’d have the world conquered in days due to their manifest destiny complex.

Kelly: What are the chances that next year the Oscars will be hosted by your girls, Tina and Amy?

When I rule the world, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the following: The Oscars, The Grammys, The Golden Globes, The Emmys, The Kennedy Center Honors, the Junos (for the Canadians), the G8 Summit, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the United States Commission on Civil Rights, and the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony.

JoshMac: after you’re president, what’s your first executive order?

Following the theme, my first executive order would be to make Amy and Tina official ambassadors to all nations with names beginning with the letters C – W. They’ll be busy but it will be funny. Kristen Wiig gets the rest.

John: How come disgruntled is word but gruntled isn’t?

For the same reason that I can be “inept” but not “ept” at anything, and being ept at everything is my greatest wish.

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