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New Album!

16, Jul 2021

Dang it’s been a while. I guess that’s normal in these roarin’ 2020’s where everything is blazing by so fast and also crawling still. The good news is my new record is on the blazing track right now…after tracking my parts this past winter and then sending out files for a pretty incredible roster of […]

“I’m Speaking”

9, Mar 2021

Happy Women’s History Month! Several weeks ago my friend Beth Wood emailed and asked if I would take part in a project she was starting called “She’s Speaking.” They were making a Youtube channel for Women’s History Month and asking songwriters to write about that very topic…inspiring women.  If you know me you know I’ve […]

Folk Alliance 2021

22, Feb 2021

Folk Alliance…it’s always fun! (See my vlog from Kansas City 2018 when I had the time of my dang life for evidence). This year it’s online, because, well…you know. I was thrilled when Jenny at High Plains Public Radio asked if I’d do a showcase. Since Shawnee Kilgore and I are in a pod and […]

Adios, Mustang

13, Feb 2021

I had the weird experience yesterday of watching my Mustang drive away and knowing it wasn’t coming back. This is the first time I have upgraded my car situation out of carefully planned options and free will as opposed to utter duress and freaking out. (Hello, new-to-me 2010 Prius…you are swell and a space car). […]

2020: This is the Way

30, Dec 2020

There will be so many think pieces about 2020. There will be books and series of books about 2020. At the beginning of quarantine when everything, even the air, was frightening, I thought “I don’t want any quarantine art, this is awful.” But! The human condition is one of adaptation, and when you do decide […]

Oh My Heart

14, Aug 2020

Well…how’s YOUR quarantine going? I’ve been hanging out in Traylor Swift, watching a lot of movies with my quarantine buddy Shawnee, getting some work done, and mostly trying not to go stir crazy. It’s not so bad. But now…the good news! My first self-produced single is out! “Oh My Heart” is on: BandcampApple MusiciTunesSpotifyAmazonTidal…and all those […]

Holding You Up

10, May 2020

Songs For the Soul is an incredible organization that helps nurses dealing with compassion fatigue. Founded by my friend Carolyn Phillips, they directly work with healthcare workers and also are very involved in the research part of how this all works, which means it’ll be applied to countless people in countless professions dealing with compassion […]

I somehow had the brain power enough a couple of months ago to connect all my music devices to a thing that lets you chart your listening habits and spits out a pretty graphic when you ask. It’s really cool. You can read about the set up here. Do not ask me for help, I […]

Ugh what a rollercoaster of a month or two. And I’ll be honest, I’m not out on any front lines, I’m not checking anyone out at the grocery store or working in an ICU or desperately trying to convince dumb people to stay home (ok, I do try to do that, but from my couch). […]

Traylor Swift

8, Apr 2020

After landing back in Austin from D.C., I immediately set on the task of moving to a new spot. I was fortunate to have a friend refer me to a friend renting out a 1957 Spartan trailer in the heart of South Austin. I’d been in San Marcos for about 6 years, 28 miles south, […]