Big Barn Dance Weekend Part Deux!

14 Sep

Susan Gibson
I love this picture.

It was time to rock the festival and Susan wore her new hat and Don Richmond joined her onstage. It was an amazing set, so good that I didn’t even notice on the big sign over the stage that it said “Big Bardance.” There was no bar to dance on, but there was no barn, either. Anyway, the hat looked great on SG and the music sounded doubly great.

Susan Gibson

Then Walt Wilkins and Crew played a great set…it still said “Bardance.”

Walt Wilkins

The Trishas were great to see – I had heard plenty about them but never seen all of them play in one place at once. Their harmonies were killer, and it made me want to get a drum to hit sometimes on stage.

The Trishas

After that we ate dinner that involved (surprise) green chile, and I was pretty much catatonic with music. It was all good music, but the constant flow of sound into my ears was wearing thin. Two days at a festival is about right for me, I guess. I highly encourage you head up there next year…I’ll be there in a tall hat eating something spicy.

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