Big Barn Dance Weekend

13 Sep

Well that was fun. We went to Taos, New Mexico this weekend for Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance, held at the Old Blinking Light…one of my favorite places in that town. I wasn’t expecting it but it was like old home week because a lot of Texan musicians come for the festival, and even some friends who run venues from Georgia and South Carolina were in attendance.

I spent some of the drive up reading about my Meyers Briggs type (INFJ) which told me I operate in my head and need lots of alone time to sort things. A music festival might not be the most appealing situation for “one of my kind,” but this one was just about perfect in my book. The music was top notch, the people were nice, the weather was below 80, and if we needed a break we ducked into the OBL and had something smothered in green chile to eat. We were put up in a lovely guesthouse in town and the view out the window was pretty fantastic.

Taos View

Friday night while leaving the festival we spotted these tall cowgirl-magician-Amish-Abe Lincoln-hipster type hats and we NEEDED them. I think they’re cool…and they certainly help start a conversation.

“…That’s a tall hat.”
“Thank you!”


On Saturday we started off our morning with the Taos Diner, which we get excited about because we go there every time we are in Taos, and I eat the same thing every time…The Willie…a breakfast burrito with spinach and red AND green chile. I’m not in town long enough to pick. The red is rich and pretty hot…it made my nose drain. Susan says she can tell the intensity of the chile by how red my cheeks and nose get. (Great, I’m a walking Scoville indicator!)

Yin Yang Red Green

Then it was off to see Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines do a workshop on the music business and writing and anything else. It was a good way to spend the rainy morning, and I got a few ideas or 60 that I’m excited to apply.

Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines

Then…music time. To be continued!

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