Catching Up…

5 Apr

Whelp. I did say I’d continue my Mexico adventures and that was back in February. Since then I’ve gone to Washington, D.C., moved, and a pandemic started. Good lord. I will now attempt to catch this blog up so that I might blog in real time, from this couch, in quarantine. Here we go…

Nothing gets my gears going like ancient stuff. Put me in some ruins and I start vibrating, because I can imagine the people that lived there and fill in the blanks in my mind. Teotihuacan is the perfect place for that, since it was a center of North American civilization and trade, and then…abandoned. Drama! Intrigue!

We had a great tour guide who took us to all three pyramids on site and let us wander to our heart’s content. Take a look at the non-coincidence on how these structures are aligned…

I climbed the Pyramid of the Moon, and then we walked down the Avenue of the Dead, surrounded by people selling all sorts of goods and wares like…JAGUAR CALLS. I bought 2, because I am a sucker. But I also have two jaguar calls, so who’s winning here? I am.

I climbed 3/4 of the Pyramid of the Sun and then felt the tiredness and altitude getting to me. I think if I would have started there, I would have made it, but after 2 other pyramids, I was running out of steam. Now, basically my life’s goal is to go back and climb the Pyramid of the Sun. You know, when we can travel and be around people again.

Mostly I was just grateful to sit in a spot that is a literal cradle of civilization and soak in the spirits and sun and touch the walls and think real hard about how awesome and insignificant we all are. Teotihuacan is highly recommended for a reality check of the highest order.

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April 7th, 2020 at 2:02 am

Dang that’s cool that the pyramids line up with Orion!!



April 7th, 2020 at 2:37 am

To the sun, Jana! To the sun.

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