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It’s time for some Ask Jana. I took me awhile to compile these because I had to get the ringing of 4500 screaming teenage girls out of my head from the Demi Lovato show. What song is on repeat on my iPod? That Little Mix song. IT’S SO CATCHY. Ok, on to your questions, and […]

It’s been a while. Let’s dive in! Leah: Favorite book? Gosh. I am one of those book hoarders that if you pick one off my shelf I MAY have read it, I MAY have read part of it, I MAY have good intentions to read it, and if I have read it I MAY have […]

Time for another Ask Jana! Thank you all for your questions. You all are some food-oriented askers, I’ll say that. Read on… Cody asks: Why do pop tarts make a line that does not have frosting? Why do Oreos keep trying to toy with their recipe and add flavors? Why are Girl Scout cookies seasonal? […]

Ah, a delayed Ask Jana…but a hopefully still informative one.  Thanks for all your questions! Erin: Greatest kid cereal – Capt. Crunch’s Crunch Berries or Cookie Crisp? Cookie Crisp all the way because when you’re a kid, the illusion of getting away with eating cookies for breakfast is a real bonus, also the milk tastes […]

It’s the Thanksgiving Edition of Ask Jana! I can tell you are all thinking about food. I am thinking about you all thinking about food. I am also super thankful that you all keep asking me things. On to it… Hot hot hot! Sandy: Do you think the Hostess mediation will be successful? I say […]

I am starting this post a month in advance in hopes that my foresight will allow a well-thought out treatise on my entrance into my next decade of living.  What will probably happen is that I’ll put this off until the night before, but regardless…here we go. …and immediately I stalled and wandered away from […]

Time for another Ask Jana! I’ve been meaning to do this for a week, but traveling around with a cold makes me not typeable for whatever reason. No worries, I’m back. Proceed. (If I didn’t get to your question, I still love you). John: Jana, why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? […]

Time for another Ask Jana. I do these on Facebook, so friend me or whatever. Tamara asks: To you, does the Walla Walla river valley remind you of the Rio Grande Valley north of Santa Fe? (To me, the high dry fields punctuated by a sudden drop to a cold river with greenery, with Sangre […]

We are meandering through Montana right now…we had the luxury of leaving Washington on Monday and not having a gig until tonight (Wednesday), so we’ve seen a movie in Spokane (The Campaign) and walked around the Cataldo Mission in Idaho and downtown Missoula. Now, back to work! But first…some ask Jana. Deborah asks: Does the […]

Time for another Ask Jana…whereupon I get to gratuitously pretend to know things I don’t know, but I promise I am using an educated guess as best I can, fueled by my morning breakfast of cottage cheese spiked with green chile. (I suggest that any time you add one food item to another, you can […]