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As a new year usually makes me do, I have been pondering my 2017 and thinking about what I want for 2018. I am a sucker for reading a lot of self-improvement tomes and articles, and I very much enjoyed this one, which wraps up 2017 and sets a good scene for planning the next […]

We did it. I won’t take credit alone, since everyone who commented on these posts all month long really helped me keep the momentum up. Some lessons gleaned along the way: – Drawing is fun! As a kid, I always liked to do it. I wasn’t great at it but I took Art in high […]

Honestly. I get a lot of these types of things in my inbox, because I am a sucker for them. There are about 46 new “morning productivity” blogs every day. Like a list…a list that is much the same as the other lists…will finally crack the code for my mornings, and lead me to fame, […]

ABQ. L.A. I’m a sucker for an out the window shot from a plane. My own are preferable, but any time I see one on Twitter or the like, from anyone, I dig it. There’s something still magical about the fact that we can launch ourselves into the air and fly over the country or […]

On Thanksgiving night, Mom and I watched Rear Window for perhaps the 10th time in our lives. I have always loved Hitchcock as a director, and while I love the bombastic Technicolor thrillers like North by Northwest and To Catch A Thief, I especially love this films where he tests his filmmaking by limiting his […]

Dolly (Nov Blog 26/30)

26, Nov 2017

I saw this quote on the wall at the Country Music Hall of Fame and it stuck with me. No one is cooler than Dolly Parton. No one.

An iconic scene in a movie full of iconic scenes.

If you’re doing it right, anyway. I was just reading this article, one of those listicles about kicking butt at life. I have to be in the right mood to swallow these but I enjoyed this one. I especially liked this point: Don’t compete with others. Make them compete with you. Most people are competing […]

Pie (Nov Blog 23/30)

23, Nov 2017

There is only one best way. Happy Thanksgiving!

I always have the best of intentions on planes, and I do get good writing done. I also listen to whole complete albums on planes and I find that works wonderfully. I once wrote the best bridge I have ever written on a plane back from Washington, D.C. Other times, like this trip to Albuquerque…I […]