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I’ll Be Kindled

18, May 2015

I am pleased to announce that my eBook “Money & Heart” is available exclusively on Kindle for a limited time promotion…and it’s heavily discounted! That’s how you roll on Amazon and I’m just happy to be in the massive behemoth of a store and available on your iPad or Fire or Galaxy or giant face […]

Because I want an owl timer here, that’s why. I’ve been blogging less due to the fortunate circumstance of getting some ducks in a row regarding some new ventures 2013 has brought my way. The first is my new consulting service called Social Thinkery. (The Facebook Page is here!) You can read the website but […]


20, Jun 2012

A cool thing that’s happening is that I book for both Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills, both fantastic songwriters with impressive careers. The really cool thing is that they have been friends for about 20 years, and they are finally getting to play some shows together. They’ve had a chance to work things up to […]

Old school booking agent. I’d eventually like to write some grandiose manifesto about how to form a team to back an independent musician for guaranteed success in business and life…but in the meantime I have some thoughts for folks out there who either: a) don’t know what a booking agent does b) want to know […]

Map Obsession

3, Jun 2011

I was obsessed with maps as a kid. I got it from my Dad, who would sit and read atlases for fun, not even because we were going anywhere. I’m not sure how you could read an atlas, but he did it. I never went that far, but from a young age I was perhaps […]

Summer Approaches

27, May 2011

Oh hi, it’s been a minute. I have been the opposite of lazy but that’s no excuse because I am a BLOGGER and bloggers must BLOG. I’m in full summer tour planning mode for Susan. We are headed up to Montana in July and August because it is going to be so unbearably hot anywhere […]

Um ok wow.  I am still spinning.  The benefits of Folk Alliance are many and varied.  We got to make a lot of good contacts for The Boss…DJs, venues, all that.  I saw some amazing music that inspired me.  I got to be at a professional conference in my field and go to panels about […]

Would You Rather

4, Jan 2011

The other night we played a rousing game of Would You Rather, a Christmas present from my dear sister.  This game consists of predicting what your fellow players will say when you ask them something like, “Would you rather smell through your feet or breathe through your fingers?”  It’s something that makes you ponder.  Or […]