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5, Jan 2015

I’ve never been on a list before, guys. Well, like the “here’s a list of albums” kind of list. I’m sure I’m on plenty of lists like the “forgot to take water bottle out of bag at airport security once…might be dangerous” list. Anyway…a big thank you to Americana Music Times and Mike Fuller over […]

My deepest fear is that my fears are not that deep…they are just simple things.

Adore You Lyric Video

17, Oct 2014

For the sensitive among you…and we’re all a little sensitive.

What a Band

12, Sep 2014

We had a great time at the Strange Brew CD release! Thank you Billy, Christa, Emily, Katie, Susan, and Anna for making me sound good. It was a mighty big, mighty good band!

Lone Star Music Review

31, Jul 2014

This is cool. I read Lone Star Music Magazine all the time, and they reviewed the new EP in the latest issue. Thanks to DC Bloom for a thoughtful piece! Buy the EP here on Bandcamp or iTunes!

Release Week

24, Jul 2014

I feel like I have “released” this EP 402,029 times already, but July 15th was the date and I played a couple of shows last week to celebrate. My friends Anna Harris and Katie Lessley joined me at Superfly Records in San Marcos for a set. Playing in a real record store is about as […]

Release Day!

15, Jul 2014

Happy Release Day! I feel like I have released this EP several times already, but this is the real official everywhere release day. You can download or purchase a hard copy CD at! It should be up on iTunes soon – I told them this was the day, anyway. I’m not sure how much […]

Here’s a track from the new EP up on the Youtubes, because that’s how we all listen to music and stuff these days. I just posted my new bio, too. Susan Gibson so kindly and brilliantly wrote it. I’ve written probably…8 people’s bios in the past year and could NOT stand writing my own. It’s […]

I am realizing “release dates” are a little bit weird in this digital music world. Back in the day, an album had a release date (always a Tuesday for some sales tracking reason) and as a music fiend, Tuesdays were big days. You’d hope the ghetto Hastings in your neighborhood got the memo and stocked […]

This Gaga photo has nothing to do with anything. “Do it right the first time.” I guess I would say I ascribe to this saying. It’s common, it’s one of those oft-repeated sayings from school and childhood used to ward off mediocrity and slackerness. Except I’m realizing that mantra is not always the best or […]