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Ugh what a rollercoaster of a month or two. And I’ll be honest, I’m not out on any front lines, I’m not checking anyone out at the grocery store or working in an ICU or desperately trying to convince dumb people to stay home (ok, I do try to do that, but from my couch). […]

A Year of Wednesdays

2, Nov 2019

Well, a year of intermittent Wednesdays, but still a LOT of Wednesdays in 2019 were spent at Threadgill’s! I was honored to be asked to play a residency there in the Spring, and Midweek Modern Troubadours was born. I played (give or take) 4 months of weekly shows in May, June, September, and October. All […]

A New Tattoo

11, Apr 2015

I’ve had this idea for several years now (because that’s my rule with a tattoo) and I finally had it come to fruition. I like seeing my New Mexico state outline and Zia sun on my arm when I play guitar, and so I thought…why not add a little more of home to the mix? […]

November Happened

3, Dec 2013

I am so relieved it’s December, which is not usually a statement I utter. November was such a whirlwind of awesome (see below) and other stuff (flat tires, moving, broken laptop) that surviving it was a feat. Things will calm down in December, though there is plenty to do. Susan is mixing her live album […]

First things first…I am Kickstartering my new EP and it is officially LAUNCHED! Let me take a moment to say: “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” It feels good to get that out because I had a heck of a time wrapping my brain around it. Kickstarter is a wonderful resource for musicians. Basically, for an indie artist (i.e. not […]

I am starting this post a month in advance in hopes that my foresight will allow a well-thought out treatise on my entrance into my next decade of living.  What will probably happen is that I’ll put this off until the night before, but regardless…here we go. …and immediately I stalled and wandered away from […]

Soul Companion

15, Aug 2012

Mary Chapin Carpenter put out a call for photos for her Soul Companion videos…one of me and my Dad made it into video 2! Very cool. Thanks, MCC!

New Mexicania

7, Aug 2012

Pretty thrilled to be in my home state of New Mexico for almost a whole week. We have spent three days in Albuquerque and head to Taos and Red River this week. The weather is sublime considering there is no humidity and it’s under 100 degrees. I am having to drink water like a camel, […]


7, Jun 2012

I spent a few days in the great Pacific Northwest last week because my lovely niece, Heather, graduated from high school and my awesome nephew, Philip, graduated from 8th grade. Lots of parties! We also got some sight-seeing in and went to the Pacific Science Center to see the Tutankhamun and the Great Pharaohs exhibit […]

We Are Family

17, Aug 2011

I’ll be straight up, I’ve found out that while touring is fun, meeting new people all the time or just getting reacquainted with folks I don’t know well anyway wears me out. I got to see a niece of mine in Montana on a fluke collision of travel courses, and then I saw my sister […]