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My deepest fear is that my fears are not that deep…they are just simple things.

A1A and Louisiana

11, Feb 2014

Last month I had the fun of joining my friend Elizabeth Butler for her music video shoot outside of New Orleans. I played acoustic guitar on her song A1A (Settin’ Myself Free) and she asked if I would join in. Kira Small (from Nashville) and Solveig Whittle (from Seattle) were also going to be there, […]


2, Jul 2013

This happened this weekend! Thanks to Mo McMorrow for filming!


23, Jun 2013

Long time no post…more shortly, but for now here’s what I’m REALLY excited about: Jananna!

My friend Charlie Faye asked me to help her make her new album pledge campaign video. Specifically she asked for my booking agent voice (example here). Help a friend get a great record made AND make silly voices? How could I say no to that? Here is the result: Here is Charlie’s PledgeMusic site where […]


3, Nov 2011

Somehow, we were sitting on the porch and we started playing “Airplanes” by B.O.B. You never know!


18, Oct 2011

Elizabeth and I stumbled on a weird piece of tourism on the way home from Houston this weekend.

July 4th Part 2

24, Jul 2011

I’ve been slow at editing this, at blogging at everything. We hit the road for a month yesterday so I spent all week trying to prepare for it. Tying up loose ends at home, mostly, but those never get completely tied. I’m like a beginning shoe-lacer, where I get it to look ok and then […]

There’s nothing to say, really.

Social Media Day!

2, May 2011

On April 19th, about halfway through our 2 week tour, Susan and I decided not to speak to each other for a full day and only Facebook or Tweet at each other. I edited together some of the highlights, so that you can see how mundane life on the road actually is sometimes. It was […]