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On the wall at Joanne Of course, since I spent a whole post on dinner in Vegas, I have to offer due diligence to the East Coast trip…and yes, we ate well. You’d think this has turned into a food blog. I don’t know, maybe it has. Food and traveling for music go hand in […]

I love Gordon Ramsay. I watch all this shows. Hell’s Kitchen is the least interesting, just because I feel like he comes to America and has to scream more. It was when I started watching Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef that I realized he really does care about food and people, and just wants things to […]

Green Chile Primer

21, Sep 2014

I know people know that I am a New Mexican and we love our chile, but do you KNOW, really? When one doesn’t live in New Mexico and it’s chile harvest time, one does things like…buys a bushel and drives it 12 hours home in a cooler. Because it’s necessary. Some photos of the process: […]

November Happened

3, Dec 2013

I am so relieved it’s December, which is not usually a statement I utter. November was such a whirlwind of awesome (see below) and other stuff (flat tires, moving, broken laptop) that surviving it was a feat. Things will calm down in December, though there is plenty to do. Susan is mixing her live album […]

Lamp. One of five. Hello from Casper, WY where the venue tonight gave us TWO HOTEL ROOMS which means I AM IN MY VERY OWN HOTEL ROOM. Thank you Jimmy and the Wonder Bar! Now, we have had a great time on this tour and a lot of fun, but as Suz points out, for […]

Green Chile Pizza

25, May 2012

Sometimes the only thing needed for a blog post is a big photo of a slice of green chile pizza. This is from Dion’s Pizza in Lubbock, which is an Albuquerque pizza chain. They have branched out to Lubbock and my friends are nice enough to eat there with me when we pass through sometimes. […]

I love this picture. It was time to rock the festival and Susan wore her new hat and Don Richmond joined her onstage. It was an amazing set, so good that I didn’t even notice on the big sign over the stage that it said “Big Bardance.” There was no bar to dance on, but […]

Donuts in Portland

22, Aug 2011

So 54,000 people told us to go to Voodoo Donuts while we were in Portland, and we had time, and who doesn’t have time for a donut anyway? As we drove by the place we thought we might not, actually, because the line stretched down the block. On a Monday afternoon. Weird. We decided to […]

I’ve posted on this topic before, but hey. You drive, you play, you eat…ideally, anyway. (We always do, we are lucky). Anyway, food and beverage is of big concern when you sit in a car a lot for whatever reason. I am trying to kick the Diet Coke habit once and for all – the […]

Oh, “stay healthy.” How generic, Jana. Why not just copy and paste an article from Women’s Day and call it good? I know, we should all stay healthy for health’s sake…but touring around in a car or van poses some unique obstacles, hence…Women’s Day isn’t going to cut it for this series. What follows are […]