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October is broken up into parts, because WOW I packed a lot in. Hold on, people. Melinda Ann and I had a second Taylor Swift show to attend, this time in Dallas. As I mentioned before, we bought tickets a whole 11 months prior to this show, and the ticket buying process was so stressful […]

SXSW 2016: Day 1

12, Mar 2016

MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR, KIDS! SXSW is in full swing. Many Austin locals hate it because streets shut down and drunk techies take over, but I find it all inspirational and super fun. Day 1 was a good settle in period…lots of walking to panels in different hotels around downtown proper. Very full panels […]


8, Aug 2014

Stuff that shouldn’t go together:

Do Not Try This

5, May 2013

Please do not tune this piano. Don’t roll it anywhere, and definitely don’t tune it.

All right, y’all. I’m blogging about this because I NEVER remember my dreams. For all I know I’m a freak of nature who doesn’t dream…though I know we all do, I just hardly ever remember them except for maybe twice a year when they’re super traumatic and I’m being chased by an axe wielding Teddy […]

Maria Bamford!

28, Apr 2012

I have had a favorite comedian forever and her name is Maria Bamford. I have never seen a live comedy show (certainly not a professional one, anyway) before…and when I saw Maria Bamford was coming to Austin and I was going to be in town I jumped on it. She is right up my alley […]


17, Apr 2012

Ok.  I am finally to a point in my existence where I will admit this.  It’s a long passed phase but I found this stuff the other day and I decided it is blog-worthy.  As a kid, I collected autographs.  Since I lived in New Mexico and was 12, I had little access to real […]

Folk Viral

8, Feb 2012

I kept waiting for someone to do this, and no one had picked up on the hilarity of this “Sh*t People Say” meme and how singer-songwriters are pretty stereotypical sometimes. So I did it. It’s going mini-viral, which in my world equates to 1600 hits in 2 days. That’s not bad. Better than I’ve ever […]

To get really specific: a Female Singer-Songwriter from the 80’s/90’s. – Make a really angry, unsure, shaky album with too much reverb and perhaps out of tune instruments that shows promise and gains a group of college-aged hipster fans. Perhaps recorded outside or in a basement. – Make better album that is actually called the […]

Corporate Culture

6, Jan 2012

Over Christmas I became obsessed with Better Off Ted – the show that was cancelled after two seasons. It’s like The Office crossed with Arrested Development. It makes me laugh out loud, especially these fake commercials for the fake company in the show. Here’s one of them: Susan charged me with making some like-minded commercials […]