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This is Gaga working hard for it. This business is hard. All business is hard, but the music business is hard, especially for the indie DIY type that is trying to make a living while being a good business person and being an artist. Oftentimes this level of artist is doing everything…booking, practicing, writing, promoting, […]

  This installment of #askjana comes from Heather, who is about to enter her soon to be finished EP in (I hope) a bunch of songwriting contests this year. Heather asks: “How do you choose what songs to enter in a songwriting contest? And any other contest general tips?” I’ve done quite a few of […]


11, Jan 2012

Interesting scenario this morning. Katie sends me a link to a Youtube video. It’s a cool version of a song I had never heard before (so technically it was a cover but since I didn’t know the original, eh)…being played by 5 people on 1 guitar. I see a TON of content every day, and […]

Finding a Thing

13, Dec 2011

Over the years I have had several conversations with Dan about finding a style, a personal sense of fashion, a Thing, if you will. I think we all go through stages of Things…some folks stick with one and some change a lot. Some people don’t give it a thought and some obsess. However you do […]

Oh, “stay healthy.” How generic, Jana. Why not just copy and paste an article from Women’s Day and call it good? I know, we should all stay healthy for health’s sake…but touring around in a car or van poses some unique obstacles, hence…Women’s Day isn’t going to cut it for this series. What follows are […]

It’s obvious, but we all say it and then it’s really hard to do. Of course, you’re packing light for the consideration of the other people on the tour who need room for their stuff, and there’s also the fact that usually you travel with a lot of gear and that stuff takes up space. […]