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Growing up in New Mexico, every so often the news reports on some miraculous image of Jesus or Mary in an unlikely place, like a tortilla, or a tree trunk. People come from all over to see it. While I’m not Catholic, I think it’s one of the coolest parts of New Mexican culture. This […]

A New Tattoo

11, Apr 2015

I’ve had this idea for several years now (because that’s my rule with a tattoo) and I finally had it come to fruition. I like seeing my New Mexico state outline and Zia sun on my arm when I play guitar, and so I thought…why not add a little more of home to the mix? […]

This is the 4th year we’ve done the Red River Songwriters’ Festival in Red River, NM in late January, and the first year we actually had to brave some snowy roads to get there! We did it though…because nothing can keep us from a line up like this: It was one big weekend of good […]

Happy Thanksgiving

30, Nov 2014

I spent the holiday in Albuquerque, watching pseudo-science shows on The History Channel, eating food, and hanging out with my mom and niece. It was great and now it’s time to conquer December! Speaking of December, there is indeed an influx of Christmas music happening. This is one of my favorite Christmas albums and no […]

Green Chile Primer

21, Sep 2014

I know people know that I am a New Mexican and we love our chile, but do you KNOW, really? When one doesn’t live in New Mexico and it’s chile harvest time, one does things like…buys a bushel and drives it 12 hours home in a cooler. Because it’s necessary. Some photos of the process: […]

Red River Joy

1, Feb 2014

We just got home from the 3rd Annual Texas Red’s Red River Songwriters’ Festival (yes, that is a long title) in Red River, NM. We were lucky to be included on the first go around in 2011, and now in year three it’s a growing festival and one of the best times of the year! […]

O’Keeffe in Santa Fe

27, Dec 2013

It’s silly that I do not make it to Santa Fe and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum every time I am in New Mexico, because it’s a beautiful town and O’Keeffe is one of my favorite artists. She painted for over 60 years, lived to be 99, and her body of work is stunning. She was […]

Greetings from my couch (yep, it’s still here and still comfortable). We had a whirlwind trip to Red River, NM for the 2nd Annual Texas Red River Songwriters’ Festival. This was momentous because “2nd annual” means the first one worked well enough to do it again. Last year we had a small but mighty crowd […]

Being a Tourist

12, Aug 2012

As gorgeous as our drives are…and as cool as the places are we visit to play music, we often see a town at dusk, play a show, stay overnight, and leave in the morning. This leaves hardly any time to really get to know a place. I’ve been to Taos several times over the past […]

New Mexicania

7, Aug 2012

Pretty thrilled to be in my home state of New Mexico for almost a whole week. We have spent three days in Albuquerque and head to Taos and Red River this week. The weather is sublime considering there is no humidity and it’s under 100 degrees. I am having to drink water like a camel, […]