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Great Albums 2015

27, Dec 2015

Everyone’s doing end of the year lists! I wanna do one! Lots of stuff was spinning on my playlists this year (I guess playlists don’t spin, whatever), and here’s a non-comprehensive list of things you should check out. Brandy Zdan – Brandy Zdan (listen) Brandy is one of the coolest-but-still-grounded people I know, and that […]

Stuff I Liked in 2014

31, Dec 2014

This sums it up. OF COURSE.  The inevitable end-of-year summary, and my life would be incomplete without throwing my 2 cents into the fray.  I usually just do a music list, but I feel like 2014 was a weird year for media (or maybe just my consumption of it), so I’m going to highlight…whatever I […]

Music I Liked in 2013

30, Dec 2013

These end of the year list things are always fun and popular, but I can’t keep track of a whole year, people. It’s hard to remember what is a 2013 release. The fact of the matter is my listening habits have shifted with the rest of the world and I listen to a lot of […]

Top 11 of 2012

27, Dec 2012

Since we made it through the fake apocalypse, I figure it’s safe to go ahead and make my list with the intention that you all are still around to read it. So many of my favorites put out albums this year…most people on my “must buy on first day of release” list made something new. […]

American Songwriter Magazine (one of my favorites) always has this “On My Deathbed” section where they pick people’s list of best albums and publish them. I had forgotten I filled one out once until someone on Facebook alerted me that they saw my list. I was a little nervous because I didn’t even remember what […]

Starting to push out the EP for reviews…a scary process but FUN nonetheless, especially when you get reviews like this from the kind folks at The Needle and The Groove…a great, personable, and well written music blog. I’m not just saying that because the review of For & Against contained this sentence: “Songs like “Drive […]