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Lightning Is Here

23, Jun 2017

It’s out! Happy June 23rd…my only hope is that Taylor Swift drops her new single that she hasn’t talked about but we all know is coming on the same day. Anything? No? Ok. ANYWAY… I am so proud of this song, and welcome to the age of 2017 where I am making singles so I […]

Let me explain. I’m deep in a year-long program with Rubicon Artist Development called Rubicon Gold. It’s for folks like me who want to keep focused on our musical goals and “next level” it. It’s self-paced and guided by my producer and great friend Daniel Barrett. There’s reading, check-ins, goal setting, vision and values assessment, […]


7, Apr 2014

Daniel Barrett and Mark Hallman EP 3 is almost done and in my hands. I spent a super enjoyable day at Congress House Studio in Austin with Mark Hallman and Dan last week. Mark is a super producer himself, and known as one of the best mastering studios around amen. It was neat to see […]

Art Happens

14, Jan 2014

EP 3 Update time! The holidays made us all take a bit of a break on the record making front, which was fine. Things are picking up again and I had a meeting with Emily Shirley this week about artwork. This is one of my favorite parts of the process because really, I don’t have […]

What a week! Dan and I spent 2 more days in the studio. There was lots of singing from me, a bass part by Eric Holden, all manner of fun things from Dan, and then Susan came in and sang a really cool part on a tune called “Middle of My Chest.” She even added […]

When Folk Meets Gaga

1, Nov 2013

Kids. I am not even kidding. We are having such an amazing time making this EP. If you all like it 1/8 as much as we have loved making it, you will dig it. I think you will. Right now, as I type, Dan is playing some killer electric guitar on the fastest, rockingest, most […]

First things first…I am Kickstartering my new EP and it is officially LAUNCHED! Let me take a moment to say: “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” It feels good to get that out because I had a heck of a time wrapping my brain around it. Kickstarter is a wonderful resource for musicians. Basically, for an indie artist (i.e. not […]

What’s Up

25, Sep 2013

I have to say first of all, my post title made me think of that 4 Non-Blondes song What’s Up, which for YEARS I thought was called “What’s Going On?” because that’s kind of the hook. But no, it’s called What’s Up? Anyway… Firstly I want to say a big thanks to Brian Thompson over […]

Throw You Forward

14, Dec 2011

Sometimes I just crank out a song that should be on the soundtrack to Grey’s Anatomy or some other hip TV show. Did you hear that, universe? SOME HIP TV SHOW. This is from the Rubicon Artist Development Showcase last weekend. It’ll probably be on my next record.

Finding a Thing

13, Dec 2011

Over the years I have had several conversations with Dan about finding a style, a personal sense of fashion, a Thing, if you will. I think we all go through stages of Things…some folks stick with one and some change a lot. Some people don’t give it a thought and some obsess. However you do […]