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From the new onetwothreescream EP, Lit. A project brainstormed by me and Mark Addison. I wrote the song. Mark produced it. There’s an airplane in the track, that’s all Mark. I got really freaked out over the prospect of nuclear war last summer. It seemed like neither leader was operating with a full deck, and […]

onetwothreescream: Lit

13, Jul 2018

GOOD DAY! THERE’S A NEW EP OUT! It’s called Lit. It’s 6 songs of pure weird folk pop. I wrote all the songs.¬†Mark Addison¬†produced it into heights of folk pop perfection. We recorded my folk rap (track 6) last summer and had such a good time we just kept going. This is what happens with […]

Growing up in New Mexico, every so often the news reports on some miraculous image of Jesus or Mary in an unlikely place, like a tortilla, or a tree trunk. People come from all over to see it. While I’m not Catholic, I think it’s one of the coolest parts of New Mexican culture. This […]

Perseverance is key, but follow your gut.

Hey hey, it’s my birthday! Seemed like a good excuse to launch a big ol’ piece of art…so here it is…the new single called Money & Heart. Money & Heart by Jana Pochop I played a gig out at Tips Concert Series earlier this year, with Susan Gibson and Kelley Mickwee. Mark Addison, producer extraordinaire, […]

The First Cold War

24, Aug 2017

New song about recent events…and past ones, too.

Fault Lines

24, Jul 2017

New song…post-apocalyptic party folk.

Lightning Is Here

23, Jun 2017

It’s out! Happy June 23rd…my only hope is that Taylor Swift drops her new single that she hasn’t talked about but we all know is coming on the same day. Anything? No? Ok. ANYWAY… I am so proud of this song, and welcome to the age of 2017 where I am making singles so I […]

Last night I got to fulfill one of my Big Bucket List Items (TM) and see Taylor Swift do her awesome music thing live in person from a few rows back at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. It was amazing. From the opening bassy rumbles that shot through the crowd of 80,000 people […]

So this is exciting. I had a great time teaching a couple of rounds of Lilith Fair Guitar and I thought, “What else am I obsessed with that I can teach to others?” Well, the answer became clear: And, a Songwriting Class and a CAGED Lead Theory class (about playing cool lead parts up the […]