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Flood Relief

30, May 2015

It’s been an intense week in Central Texas…if you’ve watched the news you know. I’ll spare the recap because it’s available elsewhere. HOW TO HELP. Tonight we are doing a benefit to help out, because musicians gonna music and we give back when we can. It’s amazing to see all the people who live here […]

Marathon, Texas

3, Mar 2014

These days we don’t play many places in Texas where I have never been. I know the roads to Houston and Dallas and Amarillo pretty well by now. This weekend, though, I landed in a foreign place right here in our own state. It’s West Texas mixed with some New Mexico…lots of adobe and red […]

New Year New Place

3, Jan 2013

Happy New Year from San Marcos, Texas! I drove to Albuquerque for Christmas, drove back and immediately moved out of my South Austin apartment and down to San Marcos. Moved with the help of an army of awesome friends, that is. As I told them, if they hadn’t helped, I would be crying in the […]

It’s been a busy month. Things being as they are here in the bustling metropolis of Austin, Texas (Tech Capital of the State), rents get raised every chance an apartment company gets. They gave us the notice that our increase was almost 20%, and my roomie Katie and I decided it was time to split […]

Tejas Time

23, Sep 2012

The blog is slow because for the first week home I only attended to the things that directly fed or clothed or bathed me, like…the shower, and the grocery store, and my usual office worky stuff. Then last week I spent a lot of time defining some goals because good grief I turn one of […]

Pre-show Tacos Every year for 3 weeks certain troopers go to Kerrville to Quiet Valley Ranch and camp out and watch music and play music and try to stay cool in the Texas heat. Many more go for a week or a weekend. Wimps like me go for a day and then come back and […]

Awesomeness and Excess

15, May 2012

Sunday was a lovely day. I drove back from Houston with Elizabeth Wills, who had played a house concert there the night before. I took a nap and hopped in the car to go down to Gruene Hall, one of my most favorite venues on the planet for The Susan Gibson Band Extravaganza. It was […]

Photo A Day Week #4

31, Jan 2012

My last round of photos…it was a good month. Remembering to take a photo every day was harder than it sounded (heeeeeey, post office!) but it showed me that there’s an interesting picture just about everywhere you look. 1/22 – Bouldin Creek Coffee has these tofu breakfast tacos made of AN ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE I cannot […]

Dry and Hot

26, Sep 2011

This is a lake out by Groesbeck, Texas. You can’t see the lake because it’s all been sucked up into the burning ball of fire that Texas has become this year. I am pretty sure the water was supposed to be above our heads (judging by the height of the pier that lead to nowhere). […]

A Day In the Life

19, Dec 2010

I have been inspired by a cool post by Chuck Anderson over at…he describes his day in the life as a working musician. He’s got a very different day than anything I typically do, so I figured doing my own would not result in me being accused of plagiarism. Today was a 12 hour […]