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New Album!

16, Jul 2021

Dang it’s been a while. I guess that’s normal in these roarin’ 2020’s where everything is blazing by so fast and also crawling still. The good news is my new record is on the blazing track right now…after tracking my parts this past winter and then sending out files for a pretty incredible roster of […]

Oh My Heart

14, Aug 2020

Well…how’s YOUR quarantine going? I’ve been hanging out in Traylor Swift, watching a lot of movies with my quarantine buddy Shawnee, getting some work done, and mostly trying not to go stir crazy. It’s not so bad. But now…the good news! My first self-produced single is out! “Oh My Heart” is on: BandcampApple MusiciTunesSpotifyAmazonTidal…and all those […]

Holding You Up

10, May 2020

Songs For the Soul is an incredible organization that helps nurses dealing with compassion fatigue. Founded by my friend Carolyn Phillips, they directly work with healthcare workers and also are very involved in the research part of how this all works, which means it’ll be applied to countless people in countless professions dealing with compassion […]

I somehow had the brain power enough a couple of months ago to connect all my music devices to a thing that lets you chart your listening habits and spits out a pretty graphic when you ask. It’s really cool. You can read about the set up here. Do not ask me for help, I […]

Traylor Swift

8, Apr 2020

After landing back in Austin from D.C., I immediately set on the task of moving to a new spot. I was fortunate to have a friend refer me to a friend renting out a 1957 Spartan trailer in the heart of South Austin. I’d been in San Marcos for about 6 years, 28 miles south, […]

Happy November!

1, Nov 2019

No better way to kick off my favorite month (aka my birth month) than by hanging out with a bunch of amazing musicians and playing a Lady Gaga song dressed at Steve Zissou from Life Aquatic. I’m not usually a costume person but Plank made it mandatory. It was fun wearing that ridiculous hat all […]

Good Midsummer to you all. It’s still, what it seems like, the interminable middle of summer here. I even left for 2 weeks and it was pretty summery in New Mexico and Colorado, but at least it would get to the 60s at night. Here in Texas it’s always around 80 and upwards into the […]

Being a Fan

22, Jul 2019

Happy mid-summer (not to be confused with that weird movie that’s out about people going to a festival and getting murdered or something I don’t know…that’s called Midsommar). I feel like I have gotten to be a fan of things a lot this month, which is one of my favorite pastimes, so I’m here to […]

Learning from the Best

25, Jun 2019

June offered a couple of unique opportunities to dive into some deep learning with some amazing folks. First up, Imogen Heap came to town. It’s been 10 years or so since I’ve seen her perform – she played in Austin a couple of times at La Zona Rosa (RIP to that venue), and then spent […]


12, Jun 2019

Some things have to stew for a long time and then they come to fruition at an almost blindingly fast speed. I love Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newest (and youngest) member of the House of Representatives, from the 14th district of New York. She’s a breath of fresh air in a stale Congress, and against […]