Ceiling Fan to Snow

29 Feb

It is warm enough in Austin tonight that my ceiling fan is on and I am chewing peppermint gum in an effort to not want to crank the AC. Tomorrow we leave for Red River, NM, where I understand it is (to quote a local) “freaking cold” and snowy. Being as I have a new reputation lately of only being able to comprehend packing for the current weather I am experiencing, SusanG posted a helpful Facebook post to bring a hoodie. This is probably because last weekend we left Austin and it was 85 and 2.5 days later I had to borrow a sweater to handle the 40-something it had turned in my absence. DECIDE ALREADY, TEXAS!

Anyway, the month of March freaks me out a little. In that it almost freezes me up in terror when I think about it.

March 2012

That that looks like “Weeeeeee! We’re on tour!!” Which, yes. I do enjoy it. However, in an effort to be a little more like my two favorite bloggers (Altucher and Trunk), I will go a little more in depth into my “on tour” thought process.

A LOT of my job is not the “on tour” part, it’s the “book the next tour” part. This requires email, Google, energy, and a lot of time to sit and think. Oftentimes these things are present on the road but do not align. Energy comes when I wake up, but then we usually have to drive. There is often a lot of time to sit and think when driving, but no wifi. If we’re at a venue there *might* be wifi, but that is not the time to sit and think. After it’s all done I usually just want to sleep.

Traveling finds its own pleasant rhythm but it is not my rhythm of “get things done.” I’m still learning to adapt to this so that I don’t

a) fall behind with all my jobs
b) not enjoy the traveling because of that

This coupled with the fact that we are going to ARIZONA which is exciting but a brand new market whereupon I usually end up a stressball because I booked the gig and it is far from home and if it sucks, well then. I don’t expect any of these gigs to suck but there is always a fear of the unknown.

Why do I share? I don’t know. It’s a picture into the brain of the perfectionist booking agent/Rubicon employee. I really am looking forward to leaving the state for a while and seeing a whole new one in a gig capacity. (I can get an Arizona ceramic pig!)

And like I said, I do enjoy the travel…I read more (out loud sometimes!) and see places and meet people and see friends and we laugh a ton on the trip. It’s not a burden but it’s a balance.

Just like figuring out what to wear in frozen Red River when it’s 85 in Austin. Plan ahead but enjoy the moment.

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