4 Dec

So every songwriter…I take that back…MOST songwriters want to be covered. It means another musician found your material moving enough to want to sing it themselves and internalize it for 3-5 minutes a night. I think it’s a huge thing.

SG and EW

To my utmost surprise, Susan Gibson and Elizabeth Wills covered an unrecorded song of mine called Throw You Forward this past Thursday at their Cactus Cafe show. They didn’t tell me it was in the plans, so when they introduced it my jaw dropped to the floor and remained as such the whole song. It was so beautiful. I can’t even lay claim to the gorgeousness…they put a layer of shine on my song that I hadn’t ever imagined.

Shelley, Walt, and Susan

Then Susan sung it again in Luckenbach on Sunday, and lo and behold the amazing Walt Wilkins and Shelley King sang it with her. I FEEL SO COVERED. It is neat to hear it take form from others’ voices.

The dream? Livin’ it.

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