Daydream Often

7 Apr

Daydream Often

Here’s a link to an article called “Writing advice from writers handwritten on writers’ hands.”  This title makes my head split open, but the premise is cool.   I decided to do my own.

I’m not sure if it was because I grew up a semi-only child (I was the only one at home because my older siblings were out of the house) or my introversion or what, but I can imagine alternate scenarios to my reality all day long.  Driving is one of my favorite things because it allows for daydream mode to take full effect (while paying attention to the road, of course).   Most of the time I subsist on daydreams of performing on David Letterman, but letting your mind wander is a great way to tap into new ideas, connections (which form more new ideas), and goals.  If you’re daydreaming about it, you probably want it, and I’ve had former daydreams come true enough to know it’s a good practice to keep.  Go forth and daydream, kids.

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