Dry and Hot

26 Sep

This is a lake out by Groesbeck, Texas. You can’t see the lake because it’s all been sucked up into the burning ball of fire that Texas has become this year. I am pretty sure the water was supposed to be above our heads (judging by the height of the pier that lead to nowhere). Instead I wandered into the thickets and picked up mussel shells. I found a pair of flip flops that were buried in sand next to each other…too scared to dig and find a foot. Weird. This heat is tiring me out…weather affects me. A good week of rain would do my brain good, but it would also do this whole parched earth thing really good.

Dry Lake Bed
Stacey took this artistic shot of me
trying to stand up in the weeds

Dry Lake Bed
E-Dub and I examining the aqua evidence

Thanks for the photos, Stacey!

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