Early Month Check In

8 Feb

Alright, so month 2 of 12 months of experiments is underway, and as explained below, I’m calling this one The Early Month. This has actually turned into a bit of a misnomer because while I tried, I cannot quite tweak my schedule to get up at 5 AM at this juncture. There is rarely the chance for me to go to bed before midnight, and I do not roll well with less than 7 hours. I have learned this about myself, and I accept it.

But! All is not lost. Knowing it is Early Month has definitely helped me focus more on a few of my own personal project things, which are always first to be ignored. One of which was that video below, which as far as I can tell is now done going “folk viral” but the 1.5 days of hit-counting were entertaining.

I’ve also tried out using the first hour of my day as my own creative time, which worked the first few days. Then I shifted to working an hour or more in the evening on things (new songs, guitar, etc.) That’s interesting because that wasn’t the case until I started the month with the intention of doing that. Intention is key, apparently. This is the understatement of the year, and 1600 self-help gurus just smacked their foreheads in a “Duh, Jana” moment.

Twitter Joy

I hung up a photo of Gordon Ramsay over my desk as an extra “get writing!” incentive and I tweeted at him. He followed me right back. Soon my goal of opening a rustic but chic restaurant with him in Santa Fe will come to fruition. Or something.

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