21 Oct

My Evergreen story began in Taos, NM right after the song was written (I think in 2008?) by Susan, Michael Hearne, and Monica Smart. I wasn’t working with Susan yet, but I was opening a show for her up there. My friend and college cohort, Jamie, and I were hanging out after the gig and the writers were running through their new creation. They needed a way to record it for posterity and I had a Mac and Garageband. They played it through quite a few times (Jamie and I had it stuck in our heads for DAYS) and that was that.

Fast forward to 2011, it’s finally recorded on Susan’s album. Katie and Emily and I have decided to seek world domination through Youtube, and Katie brought this cover to the table. Of course I was down for it. We had a lot of fun…I’m lucky these two will hang out with me!

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