Experiment 1: Photo A Day

7 Jan

All right…since I had to switch experiments after Day 1 this month, I’m doing a photo a day. It’s actually kind of fun to think about which moment I’d like to have encapsulate things for the day. Here’s week one!

1/1 – I hung out with Katie on New Year’s Eve! She wore this hat.

1/2 – I’m trying to drink more tea and less coffee. So far so good.

1/3 – Tuesday I hung out with Dan at the Rubicon Studio…this is his Martin 00-15, which looks just like my OM-15. Twins!

1/4 – On Wednesday I chihuahua-sat for a little bit. She’s tiny!

1/5 – On Thursday I played at Specht’s in San Antonio as a guest of the fantastically awesome Whipples. They have such a good group of friends (and so do I!)

1/6 – I manifested some loafers this week. I was eyeing Dan’s “Sunday shoes” as he calls them, since I am trying to not wear flip flops all the time. Whilst perusing the piles of shoes at the thrift store, I found these new Bass loafers for $7. That’s quite a deal. Boom! Manifested loafers.

1/7 – The weather has been awesome here…it’s like Spring but it’s January. Sitting on the porch in the sun is mandatory.

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