Experiments Update

5 Jan

Let me explain. I had a good one for January – I was going to walk every day. Walking is good for the body and for the brain. Except there have been a series of events in Austin over New Year’s that have made that a little bit hard to do…in that there is apparently a psycho-killer on the loose…so I’m opting to wait until nicer weather and the arrest of that loser before I go meandering about alone. I’m sure I’d be fine, but I don’t want to have to bust out my krav maga moves if I don’t have to. Enough with the happy thoughts!

Hence, January had to quickly change to another Experiment. I’m doing that “photo a day” project thing. I’ll probably post a chunk of them weekly. It’s a least effort required experiment but it does get me in the habit of doing something every day.

I’ll make February’s really good, I promise. Onward. And stay safe out there.

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