Good Music Week

25 Sep

…and it’s not over yet, if you run your weeks from Tuesday – Monday or something like that.

Tuesday 9.20 – SusanG and Mike Blakely in Marble Falls
Wednesday 9.21 – catatonically tired and in bed watching Bridesmaids by 7:30 PM
Thursday 9.22 – Ana Egge at the Mohawk – CD release goodness
Friday 9.23 – Mindy Smith at the Cactus Cafe
Saturday 9.24 – Elizabeth Wills in Groesbeck, TX
Sunday 9.25 – Elizabeth and Michael O’Connor (KEOS radio benefit…scheduling had me split before Walt Wilkins, Kevin Higgins, and suSANG! played dangit)
Monday 9.26 – SusanG and KC Clifford in Austin. This has not happened yet as I type.

Ana Egge
Ana Egge

Mindy Smith
Mindy Smith

Elizabeth Wills
Elizabeth Wills

Michael O'Connor
Michael O’Connor

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