Great Records 2012

7 Apr

It’s not that far into 2012 and there have already been some awesome albums released.  While I was traveling around last month NOT blogging, I listened a ton to these three:

2012 Albums

Rose Cousins: We Have Made A Spark – Rose is exquisite in her songwriting and singing.  Settle in.

Garrison Starr: Amateur – Like a good kick in the pants kind of songwriting.

Kathleen Edwards: Voyageur – I’ve waxed poetic about Kathleen before.  “Change the Sheets” is my jam.

Coming up in June?  WHAT’S IN JUNE YOU ASK?

June 5th: Shawn Colvin – All Fall Down

June 12th: Mary Chapin Carpenter – Ashes & Roses

I THINK I MIGHT HYPERVENTILATE RIGHT NOW.  Ok, I’ll be fine.  But I might have to take a vacation that week just to handle it all.  I need headphones.  No earbuds are worthy!   Ok.


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