Guitar Nerd

18 Jul

Epiphone Riviera P93

I got a new guitar. It’s pretty gorgeous. (I’ll be loud and proud about my pretty guitar). My friend Geno (who owns Red Leaf School of Music – music lessons anyone?) also helps out at Larry Land Music in Bastrop. He’s been harassing me to come out and visit (just kidding, Geno only gently suggests), and I finally did. Just to look around. Which is always a mistake when the “looking around” is in a guitar store.

I’ve had this desire for a hollow body electric for a while now…they have a bigger body size and since I am so acoustic oriented, they’re pretty comfortable for me to play. I had put it on my “get eventually” list, but then this Epiphone Riviera P93 was hanging on the wall and from somewhere a voice boomed “IT SHALL ME MINE.” Ok, it boomed from my head.

A part of my staying home all month project, I have been getting rid of some things. A couple of pieces of gear are staying in the family and going to live at Susan’s house, and a couple more got Craigslisted. Everything lined up and I brought home the Riviera last weekend. So far so good…it’s a joy to play. I haven’t geeked out over a guitar in a long time, so this was fun. Now to learn a Chuck Berry riff!

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