Hello from Sweden!

27 Nov

We made it! The Austin airport is kind in that Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay were playing the Saxon stage so we were serenaded by friends as we waited, and then we met Natalie Maines who was walking by. Well, Susan of course knows Natalie. I had never met a Dixie Chick before. Thank you, Austin airport. She was super awesome.

No hitches from start to finish except a really long walk from one gate to another through Heathrow airport. I hadn’t been on a flight where they actually give you stuff like blankets and pillows and food since I was a kid, so British Airways to me is the ultimate in luxury. Also they all have awesome accents and I want them to talk to me the whole flight.

Thanksgiving dinner was this…looks traditional, doesn’t it?


I snapped this photo over the Atlantic when I couldn’t sleep and was flipping back and forth between the map and the Amy Winehouse documentary. That was hard to watch, but gripping nonetheless.


Because this is now basically a travel food blog, here is the “chocolate orange bun” British Airways gave us FOR A SNACK can I just fly their airline as a job thank you.


Here is the sun setting at 3 PM on our flight somewhere between London and Stockholm…closer to Stockholm.


Here I am, a time zone confused sleepless person in the Stockholm airport.


Then after we landed the sun set immediately at around 3:30 and it felt like midnight but really it was about 9 AM in Texas and I was so confused. So no photos because it was dark. We had Swedish pizza for dinner and I slept for 12 hours. More coming…we are in Ludvika which is Sofie Reed’s hometown and we have a show tonight!


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