Hey Hey L.A.

23 May

I’ve been back for…well, a while now…but my L.A. trip was fantastic, and here’s the video to prove it.

That was from a Tuesday night at Kulak’s Woodshed. Thanks to Toni Koch and Jimmy Yamagishi for getting me on the line up! This is a new, thus far unrecorded song.

I played a gig on a deck in Topanga Canyon (thanks Michele!) one morning…


I played a gig in a bookstore with Captain America looking on:


And I did a fun hour on L.A. Talk Radio (that’s host with the most Carl Percival) for The Creative Muse Hour hosted by Toni Koch and Carl!


Havilah Rand and I spent a fun day in Huntington Beach (Hi Carol!) before we played a house concert together, and I snapped a shot of the sunset. It really looks like that out there, you guys. I can see why California inspires all the things. Well, not ALL of them but a dang great deal of them. It’s too pretty.

That #huntingtonbeach #sunset tonight 🙏🎆

Oh yeah, and I walked a hole through my flip flop in Hollywood Blvd. (to be fair, the shoe was pretty old) and found Amy Poehler’s star. One step closer to our combined Netflix show, “Here Comes the Po Po.” Don’t doubt me, now.

This one was fun to encounter. #hollywood

I will be back, Los Angeles.

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