Hey it’s Fall

8 Oct

Well, it’s not Fall in Texas yet because it’s still NINETY DEGREES (seriously, I am now on some sort of countdown plan to live in a place with Real Fall, except I will return to Texas to avoid Real Winter).

It’s been busy since we got back from tour, which…for some reason I thought it’d be kind of calm and a nice time to settle back into routine, except No. But that’s quite all right because busy is good, as they say (unless you’re in one of those movies where you’re the character that’s a workaholic and life passes you by and you realize your kids hate you and you quit your job and find yourself but that’s not what we’re dealing with here). Anyway.

I played my first real gig at Luckenbach, kids! Courtney Patton (AMAZING) asked me to be her guest along with Kelley Mickwee (ALSO AMAZING) and we had ourselves a great time.

Kelley’s view

My view

I also got to open for the fabulous Elizabeth Wills in Dallas at Poor David’s Pub, which is known for having the best sound on the planet. E-Dub was amazing and we celebrated with a Dallas view from a rooftop.


MY friend Chad had to be in Texas for work, but I kidnapped him and we got to see some music at Gruene Hall (some fine folks named Chris and Adam Carroll and SusanG!). Chad also got to see a lot of I-35. Welcome to Texas, we have orange barrels.


I’m having a blast teaching at Girl Guitar this semester…a little CAGED Guitar Theory and Songwriting. They always have classes starting and I’ll be back there in the new year if I get my way – they’re too cool to stay away from!

Next up – a trip up to New York City to play tourist with my college buddies. I am sure that will warrant a blog post and I won’t wait 2 months to post it. Onward!

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