Hey kids, co-writing is fun!

18 Aug

Good Midsummer to you all. It’s still, what it seems like, the interminable middle of summer here. I even left for 2 weeks and it was pretty summery in New Mexico and Colorado, but at least it would get to the 60s at night. Here in Texas it’s always around 80 and upwards into the 100s. And now I am one of those blogs that talks about the weather.

What kills the summer doldrums? Writing songs! I’ve had the good fortune of collaborating with some great folks lately, and my friend Jeff Plankenhorn (see the A!O!C!) post below has taken another co-write and made it into a real thing! Like a really real song you can stream and download and buy:

Plank and Scrappy Jud Newcomb and I wrote this in Austin early this summer…Plank’s idea was the re-examine the meaning of the term “the bottom line.” We’re use it to think about profits and markets and making money, but there’s a real bottom line as humans and a lot of us in our society live on it, or are in danger of hitting it. We just wanted write ourselves a reminder to look around and help out when we can.

You can stream it on Spotify and Apple Music and all that goodness. Check out Plank’s website here and join his Patreon for extra good juju!

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