I Am a Bad Sickee

16 Mar

Meh.  I’m sick.  Seems like every March right around SXSW I get some sort of a cold.  I am a whiny patient, so it’s good my roommate is gone for the week.  Because I’d be whining at her instead of the internet.  The good news is I think I’ve turned the symptom corner after a steady diet of Dayquil, Mucinex, and Excedrin.  Eck.  I’d like to think I am all natural and herby, but sometimes I just want to pass out.  Hence, drugs.

I’m hoping to feel humanoid enough to experience some SXSW this weekend, though I have decided that next year I will pony up for the conference…but not the music part.  The Interactive part.  I’m sure the music conference has fabulous panels and such, but I think the future of music marketing is more based on what the SXSW Interactive panels might offer.  I’m saving my pennies.  Geeks rock.

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