If you get it…

28 Jul


…gigs will come. Get the guitar that is.

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of my new Epiphone…we have bonded faster than most any other instrument I have owned. This is a good thing because Susan asked if I would bring it to Amarillo next week and play a set with her band as a pinch hitter electric player. After my mouth stopped gaping open I said yes. Then I started practicing.

Luckily the functions of my job with The Susan Gibson Band over the years have allowed me to know a lot of cool players and record a lot of shows. I have been shoving the live versions of songs in my ears as played by folks like Michael O’Connor, Billy Masters, Gabe Rhodes, and Lloyd Maines. If I can manage a little bit of their guitar tone and magic, I’ll be satisfied. It’s nice to have so many examples to listen to and learn from.  Lloyd also had a spare delay pedal he passed down to me which…makes for good mojo right there.  It is called an Ibanez SuperTank but online reviews refer to it as the Potato Bug, which it does indeed look like.

Potato Bug
Tater Bug

I was also entrusted with Dan’s old pedal board that he used for years with porterdavis.  That thing has some excellent mojo in it, too.  I don’t actually have enough pedals yet to justify using it, but I’m gonna do it anyway.  Thou shalt not leave thy mojo at home is a rule I read once somewhere.  Also I’m in gear acquisition mode so I’m sure there’s a new pedal out there somewhere with my name on it.

I played a LOT of electric guitar back in high school and then switched over the acoustic in college…it’s really great to have a reason (beyond it being fun to do) to pick it up again.  So there we go…mojo workin’.

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