Input = Idea…and then what?

20 Jan

Me and Gaga's Wax

Idea 1: Meet Lady Gaga’s wax figure.
Idea 2: Meet the real Lady Gaga (in progress)

These numbers are not totally accurate but for the sake of metrics…I have had about 14 good ideas this week. I forgot four of them about 10 seconds after I had them. Goodbye…I hope you got caught by someone else.

The next 7 were simple and resolved easily…like see Photo Blog Week 3 for the new desk I put in my room for writing. That made me clean out a lot of crap from my space, and the whole room is better. Others include “buy rosemary bread” and “light a candle every time you sit down to work.”

The final 3 could be game changers. They came about from either jamming with another brain or stealing some other idea I read about and adapting it. This week I was not the guru on the mountaintop, coming up with clarity just by being still. All these ideas came about from conversing, having a time limit, caffeine intake, and downright poaching of other concepts. Poaching doesn’t scare me because by the time I’m done with anything, it’s unidentifiable from its source. Shawn Colvin once said when she’s stuck, she takes an existing song by someone else and tries to re-write it (or something along those lines). It’s always been a help to me.

The ideas here are vague because they haven’t even hatched yet, and I’d hate to look up a statistic on how many might stall. But they are here for now, and here come 14 more! Maybe I’ll start writing things down so those first 4 don’t get lost next time.

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