It’s Magic, You Know

9 Jan

This guitar strap is the coolest. My buddies Jamie and Mike got it for me. They wanted to get me something New Mexican…they succeeded. Now I get to think of them every time play!

I made an impulse buy the other day with some rogue Christmas money and it came in the mail today.  See, I figure…a lot of what I do for a job is fun to me.  Whether it’s playing the musics or working on record promotion for Susan or helping line up clients at Dan’s studio or the music school…all of it is encased in the big shell of music, and I like it.  Even reading blogs is a job thing because I’m always scouting through my feed reader for something applicable to marketing or promo or social media.

But everyone needs to take their mind off things sometimes.  So I thought, “What little thing could I do completely unrelated to my normal day?”   I don’t really have time to take a class or join a sports team…although I have secret desires to join a kickball team one day.  I LOVED kickball in school.  I digress.

MAGIC.  I found this cool site (Penguin Magic) that sells magic tricks to anyone.  You don’t even have to be in the cool magic people’s club to get one.  I don’t know if this is the equivalent of selling widely available home recording software so that EVERYONE can make an album instead of just big studios.  Maybe having an accessible source to magic tricks is a taboo in the magic world?  I wouldn’t know, I’m not in the magic world.  So I bought a trick!

Which trick, you ask?  Can’t say.  Then you’d know it was a trick.

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