iTunes and Rad Stuff

24 Jul

Ok, we’re finally up on iTunes…here is the link if you like to download musics on lovely Apple devices with little to no effort on your part.

The cool news is this little record is currently (as of this typing) #59 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart. This means at least one person has purchased it on iTunes, haha. No really, that’s kinda neat. I’ve never charted anything except chord charts and pie graphs in college.

With that said, I haven’t done a List of Rad Stuff in a while. So why don’t we?

Good Read
The Weird, Scary, and Ingenious Brain of Maria Bamford. – Maria is my favorite comedian, bar none. She’s brilliant. She’s charming, smart, and makes you uncomfortable…all the things comedy should be. I saw her perform live once and my stomach hurt the next day from laughing so hard. Read this.

Good Listen
Johnnyswim. This is the best new band I’ve heard since…a while. A married duo, to boot. They are adorable. They folk it up like it’s their job, but with plenty of soul mixed in. This song Diamonds is the one that hooked me. Look at that strum!

Good Look

I got to go see Georgia O’Keeffe’s Museum again in Santa Fe because it is one of my Top Ten Places On the Planet. They do a really good job of rotating exhibits there, so I’ve never seen the same batch of paintings twice. The fact that I can walk right up to this painting and see the brush strokes on the canvas blows my mind.

Good Pledge

I love me some Lucy Kaplanksy. She was the FIRST folk singer I ever saw live in the flesh. I was in high school. She plays guitar like she’s on fire. It caused a revelation. She’s doing a Kickstarter project with Richard Shindell and they’ve blown past their goal of $40,000. Why? Because it’s going to be fantastic.

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