I’ve Been Vlogging for a Month

21 Feb

As you can see if you scroll down, the last 4 posts have been video blogs. I am fairly happy about this, though am succumbing to the nagging thought of “YOU NEED TO WRITE A BLOG FOR GOODNESS SAKE” that’s been floating around in my brain. BUT! The good news is…the last 4 posts have been VIDEO BLOGS!

I don’t know what happened, really. I have had a love/hate relationship with video for a while now. I enjoy it. As a hobby. I have always felt like I didn’t have the experience or skills go beyond that…I haven’t been to film school after all. Then lately, people have been calling me because they needed something filmed. Over the years what I have developed is the ability to make someone feel at ease when they are being filmed, and I have a couple of cameras and know generally how to use them. So I’ve done quite a few crowd-funding videos for people this year and enjoy the heck out of it. I also LOVE the editing part. That’s where the story comes alive and humor can shine. Editing makes a funny person really funny, and it can even take a mundane or boring situation/take and make it funny if you cut it right. Power!

I was exploring Casey Neistat’s videos…he’s the preeminent vlogger right now because he posts every single day. Amazing. He’s also a filmmaker by trade so his stuff looks awesome. I was in awe of his dedication. As I started poking around for a portable, easy to use camera (a Go Pro looked to be the one), a friend stepped in with a Go Pro she wasn’t using and it seemed like the clouds parted and voice from above said “USE THINE GO PRO WELL.”


So a month ago I made a vlog. I didn’t know if it would be watched or if I would feel weird or if it would be hard or what. It went well. People commented. I felt that stereotypical social media rush of interaction=encouragement, so the following Monday, I made another. And another.

I’ve really enjoyed being aware of moments in my week to capture (and I’m not great at that yet but getting there). It’s also fun to go into a week and examine its theme as you’re living it, because it’ll be a 4 minute video on Monday.

It’s also just good practice. I want to shoot and edit better, so this will make me better.

I still can’t explain the motivation here, because usually I plan way ahead of time and say “starting next month I’m gonna write more/blog more/walk more/be better.” With this, I just did it. I think I’ll stick with it for a while…and maybe there’s something else on the horizon I’ll “just start doing” too.

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