January/February Guitar Classes

18 Nov

We interrupt this travelogue to inform you of a couple of classes I am teaching through Girl Guitar this coming Winter. I absolutely love this organization and all the people in it. The past couple of sessions of gathering around the guitar on Thursday nights has been a blast, and I hope the wonderful women in the classes have learned things. I certainly learn a lot every class session!

I’ll be teaching a Strum Clinic for the first time and I am, quite frankly, frothing at the mouth to get into it. I promise to clean the froth up before class begins, but really. SIX WEEKS OF STRUMMING!

The class description: “Rhythm guitar is the backbone of all popular music, and this class is going to explore all the various ways guitar players can work on their strumming technique to make their playing more dynamic and interesting. We will look at using different strum patterns and exercises to make a song more powerful, whether it be a cover tune or in your own songwriting. We’ll also learn by dissecting some of the great rhythm parts in popular music. This class is for beginner through advanced players. ”

Boom. I remember the first time I saw a real live performing folk musician in the flesh, and it was Lucy Kaplansky when I was in high school. Her strumming prowess blew me away. I mean, WATCH THIS.

That informed a lot of my guitar technique desires as a youngster. Then I got into Shawn Colvin and Susan Gibson and Patty Griffin and I didn’t look back. A good strum technique will fill a whole room when it’s just you and a guitar. It’ll also prevent you from becoming completely and utterly bored playing along with songs or playing your own. Everyone knows the cliche terrible guitar strumming folkie vibe. We will avoid this.

I’ll also be teaching CAGED technique again – a different way of looking at the whole guitar fretboard that has really helped me know what frets 4 through 12 are doing, since it’s easy to get stuck in first position land. It’s pattern based with theory behind it, but I think it adapts well to most learning styles.

Here’s the place to get all the info on the classes (and more!) at Girl Guitar. This session starts January 14th and goes through the end of February. Email me with questions!

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