July & the Heat

20 Jul

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Busy summer over here! It’s 102 today…we’ve all just accepted it as Central Texas residents, but it doesn’t mean I don’t yearn for Canada EVERY SINGLE DAY. I chose Canada because it seems far enough away not to get a heatwave but what do I know. Anyway, in the meantime, a photo-log (PHLOG!):

Played a wedding, it was not 1000 degrees, it didn't rain, and I did not ruin the most important day of the Bride's life so I feel like that was a success! #nerds

I played a wedding and there were no incidents with Melissa McCarthy crashing it with 9 puppies. Other than no puppies, it was super fun. Happy Day Lauren and Luke!

Spirit is Ageless

I spent the 4th of July at Luckenbach and got to accompany Tina Wilkins for her “Ageless” choir. FLASH MOB. Super fun! Super hot. But more fun. (Photo by Dave Hensley).

Maybe the Cumberland Gap just swallows you whole. @jasonisbell was fantastic tonight. 🙌

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit rocked ACL Live. Pure rock and brilliant songwriting.

Spent the week as a mentor for #realliferealmusic songwriter camp with @susangibsonmusic and @kyle_real_life. 10 girls in treatment who have faced things I can't fathom surviving. They wrote songs about their lives and recorded them. Today they play them

I helped teach songwriting camp for a bunch of teenage girls who have had some real STUFF happen in their lives. It was an incredible week and I learned about 1000x’s more than I bet we taught. Overcoming adversity…some of us have no idea what others around us have to deal with. These girls have dealt with it all. They wrote beautiful songs.

Thanks #sanangelo! I needed a rain shower and some lovely people today and you delivered. Thanks to @bsimpson80 for sharing his gig!

I played a gig an San Angelo with my buddy Bob Simpson, and then I hit an armadillo on the way home. That was after this glorious rain/sunset photo, though.

The internet is swell because my friends can come over and we can play a gig and I don't have to load out gear. Thanks @humsongs! You were great! : @beagleage

Heather Miller came over for a Concert Window and we made music on the internet. I realized I really own no chairs, so we sat on the bed.

When Texas gets all Texas you deal with it in popsicles. #homeslippershang

Popsicles at Emily’s house because SUMMER.

Testing out the #folkrap track on this boom box for legit-ness and it sounds AWESOME. New single coming soon!

I’m in the studio with Mark Addison working on the folk rap and this is the only way I wanna listen to folk rap now…on a badass old boombox. Mark has all kinds of fancy speakers but…these. Money & Heart and some other things coming soon!

Coming up soon is a very special trip for a very special run of Musical Tourism…but more about that later. I’m off to find another Popsicle.

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July 25th, 2017 at 7:59 pm

The armadillo thing is tragic. Tragic. I’m so so sorry. Hugs…

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