Keep Every Connection

28 Sep

Well, not the bad ones. Kick those bad connections to the curb before they suck the life out of you.

I’m talking about the mental filing cabinet of folks you know, because it’s really fun to flick through the files every so often and pull out two people and stick them together. Good friends do that for me and I try and do it for them.

I was musing today on the connection of Dan at Rubicon and my ex-neighbor, Jim. Jim moved to Austin about 6 months after I did and we became fast friends because we both play guitar. He plays fancy things like jazz and he reads notes and stuff. He was also working as a carpenter, and eventually he started his own company.

Dan met Jim along the way of course so flash forward to now and Jim just finished a gorgeous renovation to the Rubicon Studio. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but there used to be no window there. Now we have full vision between every room in the studio for tracking, and a much more open space that feels right. Even the doors have windows! He also built the awesome porch out front that we sit on all the time.

Rubicon Recording Studio

Point being, I might have easily just referenced Jim in my filing cabinet first under “friend” and “guitarist”…but that’s not the extent of Jim at all. Makes me want to go back and personally inventory everyone I know, just to make sure I’m not missing their talent. Life is cool.

Mojo Plug

PS: Dan also had a Mojo connection put in. We can literally plug in and dial in more mojo. Sometimes you need that.

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