Kickstarter: SUCCESS

20 Feb

My people, we did it. Thank you thank you from the bottom of what was once my cold, dark heart and is now a blossoming. flourishing rainbow heart sprouting unicorns from my chest. Thank you.

In 30 days, we raised $16,829 from 253 backers.


I am astounded. We finished this whole thing up on Valentine’s Day, and I took a nap. Then I drove to Corpus Christi for the fantastic Corpus Christi Songwriters’ Festival and spent all weekend hanging out with cool songwriters.

I think the relief hit me yesterday, and I just kind of sat there staring into space for a minute or 30 and appreciating it all. Today, it was back to work. Emailing producer Dan about some scheduling stuff so we can actually get on in there and MAKE A RECORD. Setting up Facebook events for the tour that Shawnee Kilgore and I am going on in March to West Texas and New Mexico. Booking more summer stuff! It’s all exciting and very, very cool.

Actual face upon goal being met last week:

I can feel a hibernation mode coming on, so that songs may be polished and heck, even written. Now is not the time to stop!

Thank you for your belief in me…we’re going to make something cool.

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