Krav Oh-Maga

15 Sep

Krav Oh-Ma-Ga
This is me trying to look alive after class. Trying.

I haven’t had the guts to make a video at krav maga class, as it is only week 1, but I think I’ll be able to sneak some footage here soon. My roommate and Rubicon Year artist, Heather, is in the class, too….THANK GOODNESS. Since we are both new at it and I won’t speak for her but I’ve never thrown a roundhouse kick in my life, it’s good to learn with someone.

Tuesday was Day 1 and Dan warned us we might puke. Since I’m not a regular gym attendee these days, I figured he was right after the morning warm up with jogging and squats and pushups and whatnot. Then we went directly into some punching and kicking techniques. We actually practice on a partner, who is holding a pad, but maybe the first thing to get used to was using physical force on another human, no matter how padded up they are. I had a lot of fun learning that day because every technique is new to me. We even learned how to flip someone over onto their back if they have you pinned. Easier than you’d think if you know the technique. I did not puke and left with an air of elation.

Yesterday morning I was walking like a granny, and I am still pretty sore. This morning was Day 2 and it was even more fun. We learned the roundhouse kick, which takes quite a while to get the hang of, but it’ll happen. We also did an exercise where Heather would call out “Cross! Jab! Hook! Hook! Jab! Cross!” and I would have to do the correct punch at her, and then she would try to hit me in the head. She got me a couple of times. Thank you, pads.

I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it…I had some torturous PE experiences as a kid (meaning, I just didn’t enjoy it) and I have shied away from a lot of that since. This, however, combines a workout with actual practical skills for real life, which I think helps the appeal for me. This is our instructor…she is awesome. She told me I have a good hook. Yessssss.

Now I have the weekend to recover and get unsore so I can go get sore again! They tell me it’ll go away after a few weeks. In the meantime, Tylenol and Advil. Rawk.

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