15 Feb


Emily asked me to play a gig with her next week and we got together last night to actually…you know, work on songs together.  It was so fun.  I got out my Telecaster and I might just never put it down again.

I was rather attached to the electric guitar in high school. I had a Korean Stratocaster and spent hours with it. I can still hack through some Mary Chapin solos because they are that engrained. Then somewhere along the line I decided to focus on acoustic guitar and writing and left the electric behind. I’m realizing I missed it and I’m so glad Em is giving me the chance to work on things again!

I’m still using my Telecaster I got in college and I love it. It’s a Nashville Deluxe model so it has a Stratocaster pickup in it…maybe in homage to my first guitar. One day I’ll get a Strat again, but I have to start maximizing this one first.

More soon…the name of the game right now is ambient swells practice!

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