Lightning Is Here

23 Jun

Lightning Album Art

It’s out! Happy June 23rd…my only hope is that Taylor Swift drops her new single that she hasn’t talked about but we all know is coming on the same day. Anything? No? Ok. ANYWAY…

I am so proud of this song, and welcome to the age of 2017 where I am making singles so I can release stuff more than once every 4 years. This particular track was born at Rubicon Studio in South Austin, where my main producer dude and brother of another, Daniel Barrett, had me sit in a chair, play the guitar part on acoustic, play the guitar part on electric, and had me sing it. I then had to go to a meeting or something, and we parted ways.

Next thing I know he sends over a track with some killer beats and that SWEET bass line you hear.

NEXT thing I know Dan says “I think cello,” and Brian Standefer puts this incredibly lovely cello on top that really just makes the song what it is.

NEXT thing I know I’m meeting Emily Shirley at Rubicon where Dan gets the most lovely harmony parts laid out and Emily just nails every line.

Next thing we send it over to Mark Hallman at Congress House Studio for a good master (which makes it sound all good and stuff).

Next thing I know Dave Hensley has graciously allowed the use of his lightning photo for the album artwork because it is called, get this, “Lightning.”

NEXT THING YOU KNOW…it’s in your earholes, I hope. Here is every link I have for Lightning access. You can stream it, you can buy it (that’d be awesome!), you can share it (that’d be awesome x’s 10)…overall, please listen. It was made with love by some really great people that I love.

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