Map Obsession

3 Jun

Map on the Wall

I was obsessed with maps as a kid. I got it from my Dad, who would sit and read atlases for fun, not even because we were going anywhere. I’m not sure how you could read an atlas, but he did it. I never went that far, but from a young age I was perhaps not-so-stealthily removing the free map from the National Geographic Magazines from the school library and deciding they should be on my wall.

For fun in 2nd grade, I kid you not, I took it upon myself to copy every flag from every country in the encyclopedia. You know that “flags of the world” section? Instead of just looking at it in the book, I made my own. Apparently I had a geography itch.

I’m not sure about the flag part of it, but the map orientation has certainly parlayed into a fun time booking shows for people. I’m currently webbing tour routes through The Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and the Northeast. I’m finding that for all my map staring I still have no general guesstimate on how far Portland is from Denver (20 hours, ideal gigs: Boise, Salt Lake City…help me). It’s daunting and fun and interesting all at the same time. Once I find a proper SLC venue it’ll feel less daunting. Come on, Utah!

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Jannie Funster

June 8th, 2011 at 2:20 pm

Well, this is just freaky — I LOVED maps as a kid, and still do. Is it the curiosity of a poetic songwriting heart that turns our fancy to travel? Whatever it is, it’s way cool.

I did not go as far as the flag recreation thing, so you get an A++ for that!

Actually, I do have a Satellite Atlas Of The World I get lost in from time to time, fascinating.

Super fun to meet you and your tunes last night, Jana! Hope you didn’t mind me jumping in there with harmony when you sang the about the invisible lines. Just couldn’t help myself! 🙂 See how good that song is?!


Jannie of the Motorcycle Cop Lovin’ and Dish-Washing Resistance hills…


Harley Miedema

June 10th, 2011 at 2:28 am

Are you going to be in Seattle or Tacoma? I live very close to the Antique Sandwich Company.



June 10th, 2011 at 2:23 pm

Harley! We’ll be in Gig Harbor on August 12 at Morso Wine Bar – please come hang out!

Jannie, so great to meet you and sing along anytime! Can’t wait til our paths cross again!

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